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The art of being everywhere ...


marketing support for entrepreneurs

in the creative arts and in the fields of

wellness and spiritual growth

UBIQUITY is the art of being everywhere. This program of Internet marketing services was developed by Laura Cerwinske, an entrepreneur, widely published writer, multimedia artist, and decades-long student of spiritual practice. She is the creator of Radical Writing, a global online course that teaches the power of uninhibited self expression. Laura launched her publishing career in 1981 with Tropical Deco, the first book on the now famous Miami Beach Art Deco District. To date, it has sold nearly 100,000 copies and remains in print. The New York Times described Laura as ubiquitous when, in 1990, she published three titles with three different publishers (Random House, Simon and Schuster, and Thames and Hudson) in one season. She has produced more than 20 books on art, design, and creative and spiritual process and frequently exhibits her art.

Laura created Radical Writing: The 15-minute-a-day Online Course in Uninhibited Self-Expression as a means of converging this experience. The course has been taken by people on three continents and is consistently expanding into workshop, lecture, and publication opportunities. Through UBIQUITY Laura offers the promotional Internet expertise she gained in the process of building her enterprise.