Ubiquity Staff

Laura Cerwinske

 UBIQUITY INTERNET MARKETING SERVICES works in collaboration with Blue Hair Lady Publishing, Laura Cerwinske’s company.

Its publications weave together quantum thought and healing, metaphysics and art, memoir and mythology, serving writers, artists, healers, and teachers of transformation and spiritual practice. 


Steve Donachie

Steve Donachie has been the Director of IT Services for major businesses as well as for his own company.

His work has involved responsibility for websites, FTP servers, and database management for accounting and production software, as well as technical and creative writing. He is at home in a  mixed environment of Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix systems.

As a computer consultant his special interests have been directed toward digital printing, education, and open-source software for SOHO applications.


Yesinia Appadoo

Yesinia Appadoo has been the head of Marketing for an international development corporation for more than six years, and before that a regional marketing manager for a national corporation.

She has broad experience in media research, placement, liaison, contract negotiation, and event coordination as well as in advertising development and budgeting.