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The art of being everywhere ...


Concept Development and Branding

  • Articulate philosophy and intention
  • Create image
  • Write and/or edit editorial content
  • Research and/or create potential visual content

Website Development and Optimization

  • Create metatags and Adwords
  • Create website sharing links
  • Create landing pages

Internet Publicity/Marketing and Advertising

  • Create and/or expand database
  • Write press releases/submit/follow-up
  • Write and/or place submissions and follow-up
  • Create, place, and test ads
  • Conduct marketing and advertising analyses
  • Set up broadcast interviews
  • Link to social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter

Internet Marketing Administration

  • Develop and maintain membership and mailing lists
  • Recommend recording and transcription services
  • Research and submit free directory listings
  • Liaise with networks, lecture bureaus, and other interview sources